Blackstone driven off Poulsbo

The conflict continued after the forces had to withdraw from the frontline. In a stand-up fight the weakened Predators were able to turn the tide of battle after Ian Sanders demolished Blackstones Wolverine battlemech.



The first duel between the lances of Ian Sanders and Herman Blackstone was brutal. After a hard fight for the hill the forces of both sides had to retreat to lick their wounds. The next battle will determine which of the leaders will be forced to leave Poulsbo for quite a long time…

Round 4: Battle for the Spaceport

Sensor readings indicate that a massive Steiner strikeforce is advancing towards Poulsbo’s spaceport. The magnetic abnormality detectors were able to identify two hostile lances. The aggressors will be met by the battle hardened veterans of the Poulsbo Predators.

Control over the spaceport is crucial in this conflict. A defeat in this first major engagement could cripple one side and cut off further reserves.