Campaign Map

Real time strategic map of the situation on the planetary surface

Player’s can use this link to move units

After every battle, please update the victory points table using this link.


City Hexes

Every player gains 400 victory points per occupied city hex.


Every player gains 1000 victory points per occupied city hex. Capitals are the spawn point for new units.


A player controlling a ‘Mechfactory gets +1 unit on the campaign map. Place the unit on the reserves chart on the right in the 4th square. After waiting 4 turns, the unit can enter the field. If control over the ‘Mechfactory is lost within those 4 turns, the unit is removed.

Spaceport & Mechacademy

Spaceports and ‘Mechacademies are additional spawn points.

Unit Movement

All units have 3 movement points (mp) per turn. The costs for crossing hexes are the following:

Light Terrain 1MP

city- or building-hexes, grass and pavement

Heavy Terrain 2MP

swamp, woods, moores

Special Rule: Streets and Rails

A unit may move up to 4 Hexes per turn if it solely uses street- or rail-hexes.

Rail- and Street-Hexes. Mind that all hexes that have a city or building also count as street-hexes.


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