Ian Sanders

“Well, excuse me Mechwarrior, but this engagement with the Orloff Grenadiers is a military operation that demands a maximum of precision and organization so I ask you to act like a professional soldier.”

– Lance Captain Sanders before engaging the Grenadiers

Stephen Franklin

Outnumbered four to one, why do I always end up on the wrong side of these kinds of equations?

– Last transmitted recording of Mechwarrior Franklin

Col. Herman Blackstone

“Swoop from the skies! Show no mercy! Show no pity! I will kill everyone I see with pity in their eyes! War commenced! Hell unchained!”
– Col. Herman Blackstone before the combat drop of the Orloff’s Grenadiers on Poulsbo

Victoria Bleak

Above us Colonel Blackstone is tearing this Planet apart and you have nothing better to do than beating each others heads in…  …When you have finished your giant pissing contest we have to meet in the conference room. There are important news.

– Victoria gathering her Predators


Lucy: So, from which battlefield did you flee? Tikonov? Nusakan? Did you fight with Frederick Steiner on his last battle on Dromini IV? Tell me, did you win or did you loose your battles?Shooter: A little bit of both. Not enough of either. Now go, get philosophical on somebody else.   – Dialogue in a Solaris VII bar.