Final Rules-update

Final Rules-update

The last bit of rules, concerning the effects of different hexes, has been added to the rules-section.


War commenced, hell unchained…

With the uploading of the final bits of campaign rules, the struggle for Poulsbo can now begin. The players have decided that the goal of the campaign will be to earn as many victory points as possible to their warchest. At the end of turn 16 there will be a massive battle between the invaders and the defenders of the planet that will decide the fate of this war-torn world.

As the Grenadiers managed to win the first skirmish, the initiative is their’s on for the first turn.

First Blood…

Herman Blackstone’s Annihilator charging the Steiner Warhammer


In a merciless battle the Poulsbo Predators have clashed with the vanguard of the Grenadiers’ invasion force.  The slugfest included two Steiner and two Marik ‘mechs. Although the Wasp-Scout ‘mech was heavily damaged by a AC20-Salvo of a Steiner Victor, the Grenadiers, commanded by Col. Herman Blackstone himself, managed to overwhelm the defenders.