I. Campaign Turn Sequence

1.  Start the turn

The Player with this round’s initiative moves the Turnmarker.

All unit’s colours are changed to indicate that they did not move this turn (eg. dark red to bright red)

2. Move First Unit

The player with this round’s initiative moves his first unit. (cf. II. Unit Movement Rules)

3. Move Turn Indicator

After moving a unit, the player puts the turn indicator on top of the opposing players icon.

– all units on the field are moved one after another. To indicate, whether a unit was already moved, it’s icon’s fill colour is changed (eg. bright red to dark red) –

4. Resolve Battles

After all units have been moved, battle occurs between units occupying the same hex.

5. Conquer Hexes

If a battle was won on a hex that supports a building or a unit passed through, this building is conquered by the winner. To indicate the possesion of a building, add a small dot with your force’s colour to the hex (cf. Conquering Hexes)

6. Move Reinforcements

First move all units on the reinforcement table.

Unit’s that completed the reserve table can return to the field. They can either enter a player’s capital hex or via an occupied ‘mech-factory or spaceport.

Secondly add defeated units to the reinforcement table.

Conquering Hexes

Only hexes that have a city or building can be conquered. There are two ways of conquering a hex depending on whether the hex was previously neutral or hostile.

Conquering a neutral hex

A neutral hex can be conquered by any unit on the campaign map passing through or ending it’s turn in that hex. Thus one single unit can conquer multiple hexes per turn. Moreover a hex can be conquered by different sides in one turn.
Conquering a hostile hex

A hostile hex can only be conquered if a unit occupies it at the end of a turn.

II. Unit Movement

All units have 3 movement points (mp) per turn. The costs for crossing hexes are the following:

Light Terrain 1MP

city- or building-hexes, grass and pavement

Heavy Terrain 2MP

swamp, woods, moores

Special Rule: Streets and Rails

A unit may move up to 4 Hexes per turn if it solely uses street- or rail-hexes.

Rail- and Street-Hexes. Mind that all hexes that have a city or building also count as street-hexes.

III. Winning the Campaign

To win the campaign a player has to win the final battle. The final battle is a standup fight that takes place after the end of turn 16. The forces’ composition is determined by the number of victories and hexes occupied. A decisive victory for example brings 300bv to the warchest of the winning player. A city that is under a players control adds 400bv. For a full overview confer the table below:

To edit the victory points table players may use this link.

IV. Hexes

City Hexes

Every player gains 400 victory points per occupied city hex.


Every player gains 1000 victory points per occupied city hex. Capitals are the spawn point for new units.


A player controlling a ‘Mechfactory gets +1 unit on the campaign map. Place the unit on the reserves chart on the right in the 4th square. After waiting 4 turns, the unit can enter the field. If control over the ‘Mechfactory is lost within those 4 turns, the unit is removed.

Spaceport & Mechacademy

Spaceports and ‘Mechacademies are additional spawn points.


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